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tv   Doc Film - Majuli - The Sinking Island  Deutsche Welle  December 16, 2017 3:30am-4:00am CET

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good. our crew. was broke we. couldn't use a job. couldn't that's itself like a. good. growth we. john. let's. let's go. let's. let's like.
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oh. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you thank you thank you. thank you thank you not. to. tell me you have been here come my provider calls have had to go to the mountains on some action kosovo good some good service. here possible guy yes yes thank you knight the palestinians are a few of the among the highest. most of us feel that sort of a kiss is
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a. derivative pressure how do you mean cutoff and yeah yeah it's all my that we take from my lips to find ya so but i'm not that stung that i would look in on them it took lessons so i'm fucked like lessons i can do for them give lessons classmates to prevent what ok think it's ok you're not as with us that's what you believe again you've a diner golson lever fasteners device percentage field of influence on it's gotten dynamic waltz and turn. lee trying to. come up this is why if you don't want to five hundred five times even gets a good. eyewitness on the air often it's hard to know first get close as it is kind of kind of was sixteen when you know the skins of the fall and squished as it shows or when she finally have an avenue to find her aunt is fun and so on. about i went yeah. it's been
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a bye bye so why am i not my mom what are these i wish i could have been kim. to have come to so i stayed on a separate issue a leap of forty mechanical ontology zs to ninety good as i knew the i was sure. the shiny not there wasn't even so high engine if most of tube you know that's what's the option for the thing life and hunted for lead by the staff as an issue it's so cryptic is there not one that's there you are doesn't know he has micha now . you know how to say i cannot govern or. yeah bleach to make his own will to the yeah in my mazzer and it also doesn't talk the stuntman's is into fear as a not so future school get a few lizabeth sides to sink i flush left that is into for you this as a zones in a fungus to have any and boston of a do house is misty of i'm on both endings autumn best celia beta i am movies and kind. of the best of. maybe you can if you don't mind set the scene of
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a. tense enough to be you know this doesn't do two percent good and for me a. yeah that's but a psych that i get up mission flew by the bus stop as far as my asking constat are just a sec i said as i haven't done as a ship's operator and is in a public i'm so sure that. a muslim war was on and forty on monday in forty six well i'm it's just a look of the new school bus to get to seattle it's a lot ya go. that is a good shot. just going to leave open the only thing only do if you only do it. doesn't descend. the. try of a prize and i'd have to associate only just miles of me to come undone. often the guy is involved in much more if you don't well he says he started to sort of my cunny don't. in thailand he gets off my. mom with so as it would be.
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past when you can definitely sing in thailand so. you know if you've. lost it why are you off for a few files on indian and thailand here's all i'm fuckin marked i'll just leave and i'll finish i'm doing lesson one had all the plans off. we stopped as i've gathered on to the extent of last year when we got to look at how morgan van. attacks peter you might offer me to give the ok to something i didn't because of him i was wrong because i actually live with and now it's been months and a clock would tell more than just. text me saying. and then just as much as he did when i didn't send a list of i'm on the phone on the ground as. to noise and as it does any of them bad and doesn't it seem plenty of force to encounter not to put scent of phoniness of our lives under the loss of one of them for c.f.s. it's about fear and god you. noise some dust on the cob your guys and my sons and i
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gazed out at the school in the festive spirit of these accounts and i know as of now this one's a feud and it does this office at night about the vice my friends as a involved in this stuff they said someone was a woman saying no way. you. can and absolutely get into of mine this leads socially getting back up to today and good bye to the cognition and what do you mean he wanted to call names and somebody should be using this fake to great vienna oh so much for
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a stroke buster and him to go also accompanists ones of outside that he is another goes thank you thank you do they know it's christmas sophist this has all become on zul feely good value but i didn't evacuate to stand up and he doesn't have her to go and i'm clear on this. that i had a lot that i knew i knew i didn't want my time to come to school and i just was pretty sure yes yup just business lots of you have to come up to to boston. i did i didn't want to work. and music isn't walking is pure enjoyment you know this yeah course. so music was my calling been very fortunate. made music written songs and produced music for forty years now yeah it was
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a good motivator the what i'm about in. the done by the bent slick so much you do not support this law carryover he loved to gauge. had just one can understand heart is with us gets nailed all of us navy don't up by the an east is it's much quicker these days i think it's difficult for young artists to sustain a long career because we throw things away affordance are handing these old smalls through to a television so old sort of way and to same with music so to sustain a long career is very difficult thing to do you will find this i could as difficult as if you and your beautiful talented artists absolute that's what you've said to must be casting souls. for just
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a day or two for staying current for the noise really for i'm ditto bore and get to the top would i go for them all to get or dine very it's a lesson. i guess i would hate to be judged could you imagine having to take your driving taste of the day you know and the car some one taste you gave yeah it's horrible yeah so what happens in the talent shows. just. talented the they haven't got the guts to stand up in front of an audience and say yeah so it's easy to say oh that's not good and you're not good people get very nervous but he's. a very scary thing but i think the kids who do that stuff it's maybe the only they have to try and get into the music industry some of them want to get one device where i'm from gets.
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that's under stress to get us up on the. kind of a fortune dancing with tears in my eyes when this sort of live again yeah absolutely please. ok.
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leg down the plate. the worry to be. a. lower leg bolts were alleged. scolds goldblum. the outlook. the leg. the lead. the
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leg knowing the lol. we have plenty. plenty plenty of saddle. the. the a. leg. the leg a purpose. or legler. slip. leg to
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stir. her. leg below. the weary and.
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thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks to you thank you thank god you had thank you thank god thank god i. was involved i my you to mention on top of this as well to succumb to. the parts. of it all to either starkest and put you to have argued for a fact to them but i'm not i'm going to hope that's what it's not the club about the i'm going to leave enough by you have so just monitors on this view by the i'm
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on you to cool thing from two to two gangs and it's my focus that needs make a start now my fathers had the most of them in my life was ok that's ok get out yes you have to. kumar vos it could yeah yeah yeahs i please block for the scatology guy so that you know we're tight you all but as mom to move. me i don't want to see. you as a spy do you have my mum doesn't teach a muslim dextrose not said tom none and. done because to ask my own yeah yeah yeah but will before have to sit in angst would have us first so i think . most of us leave one hundred on us and just when you've been us leave it to me here on survived. for a few more i didn't have i went to the top and up the gutters come out well up was understands the markets might advise us nish them drive us machine shop but i'm not
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going about the guy i'm stupid of eggs done by shamefully and asked if listen if that's why they're getting so big and with the stuff so i went along with sample mushrooms to save up for. me but no i don't have one article sent to hugh that he was there so i was. all i know mom. this was all not enough as all told. still tuesday and. you have to account. i think i think you do have to. be being creative all the time is fabulous but sometimes you go to my studio and i look at my blank computer screen and i think i know what you know with where do i start because as artists you're not trying to compete with other artists you're trying to compete
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with yourself you have to compete with what you've written and recorded before and sometimes you just can't do it you have to take a step back and go to hawaii go and chill out go and sit down on. the market and yes. i am getting a. kick called the limits yeah yeah i mean it's india and move on with a hand ya know he's hanging himself a lot of big ones off yeah this is the new best of me toward a bit peculiar climate will oh my gum school's all spun i've never taken a long break i've never said i'm not going to do anything for you but i do things outside of music i cook well i treat food and i find that we're like singing so i do other things but i've never i've never done along through the few cocks to moxie my have you guess is a number it's
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a house. as well as i do it i'm. i have i have four daughters so i when they were all at home i used to cook for the entire family but i enjoy i enjoy doing it for friends so in a beautiful house like this i would spend hours in the kitchen making a feast for you know twenty frames well that's funny but i mean it's fun just to test. not that i know of. just the thought of. yeah i know. you can be done to music. and it has your extreme feuds i. think it's i've got i use i would be worried if my daughter was like what i did because we shouldn't we shouldn't be should be should have their own agenda every generation should have its own musical
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revolution and they should be enjoying this being part of that whatever that musical revolution as it is than set out and be your soul or reggae or whatever that's what they should look not don't listen to me. i thought this isn't how they come in and how they come to his embassy an offer like oh yeah i'm gonna come but. yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah no yeah. ok if you. don't know it's come to i'm full madonna instrument go on and that's how i did you a front said no on the dog a while back. to texas off to come out. again amid saying now. you.
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see. lots. and lots of. kick you.
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thank you. thank. you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. how have you done your act that's the shouldn't always fish. yeah yeah to
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get syria i can tell you that i'm not coming yeah i don't know i'm going off to some quits. yeah just for the ride to the top and a full two up to one. because i'm tied all steamed then doing so high shin constitutionally even from michiel we have to make you see big news of what this was all for it was too i mean the graph ok show. i can see boy george you can see. the humvee a women until it. gets tell you that it doesn't fit common stock i don't fit call it all and yeah it's all science and i could have been a fuzzy feeling for how i'm going out to tiger woods mathias i cannot tell him to consult a fee contact point of soul so much if you call it sort of. ice i haven't i so phil a couple of years ago. but he's back out onto it again so he's being used to
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walking yeah killed off. we weak weak takes. more than speak ok but bulb. texts it takes like a child these are used to take study you know abbreviations i thought here the laws pressure push these are done alice done it. no no no idea ok good. it doesn't feel alive eight build our stuff it's just one of two hard to bizarre in the. english and and who poured into it personally. i think i think i think you've said it right i think you've said it correctly most people think a live view does a highlight of a career and it was nothing to do with a career ok it was a highlight in life you know because it wasn't just. musical event it was a social event it changed
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a lot of things changed hope people thought and felt and how they reacted to certain issues and i'm still part of the body of people the band the trust who oversee the funding and where the money goes in africa so it's no two three euros we get it in and we're still there doing it the only released us of us all along on here yeah they haven't asked that but i know the ethernet is e.g. hotter but that's an e.d.m. half you don't have a does looking into that in africa i try and does it set us up with or not it was it was bob. geldof geldof who was his band the time rats were finished he was sitting at home and looking after his children and he saw the footage from ethiopia on television and we spoke and we met up and decided that we had to write
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a piece of music and give the music to the world or vomit. but bob geldof fontenelle we are forsaken if not all of the harm that i'm a victim i tell ya just a sad sad. going to see music yeah yeah yeah that's one on one. flight with me breeze yeah ok yeah ok yeah you're going to pick a candidate all right but it. was
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really. really. good. to be with. you today to try to move. to.
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a. instant. game is the story just the. truth. paula we're. used. to. and soon it will seem to still. be. a.
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game. to. say. to. me. yeah. yeah yeah how did all of our not simple be condition of congo and it begins to look hard. done thank you.
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i'm still here. if you think about it and he won six thousand couldn't a vote. i would do what most men would. do. if you would invisible i think you'd listen to what other people say about you when you're not there for them and just listen just as you jog i think of how today far you know sure garnish from five to five shown if it's been. it's been fun have not been in the film via fire if that's a new movie that's noir then you need leslie van houten then if ghana. i'm home. and i wouldn't. have been there then i'll go ever since of course i'm a theophanous of only a moment but i don't have and was with the top of god ok and i'm going to rely on
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the cuts in your story so. maybe music is. no need music is my fight is talent. as i saw signs of tears as of fighting he's going to come together and while i'm sleeping and understand or know mom i will also i know one hundred twelve and for she in effect a partner look to you that i was equal. does a good. clue or clue and please you my. kids again and hold me that's all over. again and i need going as i was going to school today that i need to fought this you mean how you think. i saw. them i know
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what do i like nice smiles big a big three children a nice i listen to clock via done. this to vassar couldn't no it's not my mom was. biden i'm right and i hit also and i feel if i was good it is flat. yeah sure ok can't understand. should get off no good talking quit so bent ok. you know. if i walk. to. the.
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was. was thank you thank you thank you
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thank you thank you thank you wow thank you thank you i will tell you the petition if you have any idea of how tough this holiday it is that some disinvestment not i can talk to you i met you this country says i need i'm not touched i just want my own dog so yes yes yes yes often i look at my fifth daughter if you did ok i was there how do you got to love them but not really been here how. do we want to fall to. the shop who doesn't need to have a beer for tea you can see i'm a dead man's a schmuck my hometown then monday enmeshed in each name to hard to. this me and to so he did a game. they have been ish but this is our past i don't want to have to we see you lead yeah but have you. ok for to come to venturing out tonight is the only thing about me so few of them i did not have a yeah down on my to moment i don't want to come and it's
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a city council yeah well kind of on the. again that's everybody. doesn't it was the sense to keep us off the face of and that's what's here and take good for the fish feed off our menu but you shouldn't rush can't scout. jets and i'm leaving that's the sense of stuff that's needed on my little minds on such a cause which is thanks i posted was possible to president me as a bid to buy the downsized. bags out snowden parents. friends out of guy allen raise and yellow flag sounds how to speak. my thoughts need no more say it out for i knew that. me so now believe in it
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a little when i'm leaving the. believe that not even the enemy of the enemy to. go in and out of an enemy when the enemy. the enemy the. sad sit. back to the no drink. five no street buddies around these around these are. both my parents and i've had. food in all my friends. leave it i believe in something that without leaving me with an enemy that even i'm leaving and i'm leaving it to sad to. leave an enemy with. the little even enemy of the. delegates in.
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suits that suit god. that's it. thanks. and i've got nothing to bring. to. that's for bringing that mess won't. make friends. with them a. little. bit with was tied to the way. that the it was. i think. it's the.
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thank. you. thank
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. us thank you. thank you thank us. lawyer. to ole. planting trees in order to save a land that's home to two hundred thousand people. playing is the forest man of india. his home the island of mud julie is threatened with river flooding.
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the forest judge is paying has planted protects valuable land. much of the sinking island thirty million dollars. it seems. the singing for the peace sometimes you just have to pump up the volume. and based on who's. played by pop export the music magazine on d w o. images from an isolated country. images from north korea or any telling photographer captured fascinating shots of everyday life in
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a regimented society. an exclusive peek behind one of the last iron curtain it's. a north korean diary starting december twenty eighth on t w. migration and asylum seekers remain hot topics in europe but european politicians trouble to provide counters for all those who fled wait for michael moore and the refugee crisis inside our lives and i'm shocked at the fact this week on d w. i've. there was relief on the faces of european union leaders after they gave a green light to the second phase of divorce talks with britain however negotiations of the summit fails to resolve the migration question regarding
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mandates of the refugee quotas for member states. after some late night horse trading republicans in the us congress have finally unveiled the huge tax reform as a president yesterday if tax reform passes taxpayers will see more money in their paychecks beginning in february with support from republicans the bill is all but guaranteed approval next week just in time to give president donald trump the christmas legislative trial of he's been seeking. four palestinians have been killed in clashes with israeli forces in gaza and the west bank the violence came during fresh protests against president trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital dozens more wounded. police in toronto canada are treating as suspicious the deaths of a pharmaceutical billionaire and his wife at their home dairy sherman seen here in a laboratory of his company up attacks made his money from manufacturing generic
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drugs no further details about the circumstances of the deaths of so far been released. the next step for brags that after months of stalling and wrangling negotiations on britain leaving the european union are moving on to the second stage their past the divorce bill now what will the relationship look like after the split i'm sumi so much going to in berlin this is the day. we will set up and of negotiate a new trade deal with the european union she was a tough smart like them for the last year but also will be negotiating trade deals with other countries around the world face to can start but then even
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harder work begins for sure the. second phase to be having more demanding more challenging to the the first phase will be delivering the bread sic the people thank you for. also coming up the story of linda w. a german teenager who went to iraq to join islamic state has its reasons i don't need to conclude i don't know how i came up with such a dumb idea i've completely ruined my life. we start with the breakthrough britain has been waiting for the european union says there has been enough progress on bragg's that negotiations to move to the next phase of talks on just how britain will leave the bloc it is a big boost for british prime minister theresa may she's been under a lot of pressure at home and in brussels more on that in a moment first a look at friday's breakthrough. this is what relief looks like on the faces of
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european council president and commission presidential include the european union gives britain the go ahead for phase two of the brics in negotiations but it also warns that it will be dramatically difficult. for sure the. second phase should be. challenging the first face without the british premier present the other member states signed off on the european commission's recommendation that london had given enough guarantees on the most important divorce issues germany's angela merkel and french president call in a joint press conference emphasize the importance of putting on a united front lines i might seem we can only do well in these negotiations and build a strong relationship with great britain if we stand together as twenty seven if we start fighting over different interests it won't end well for anyone that is what unites us is that the law and. the agreements to move talks on also came as
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a significant relief to british prime minister in may who responded from our home district in the south of england i'm pleased that it's been agreed we should make rapid progress on an internet period which will give certainty to businesses and individuals there's still more to do but we're well on the road to delivering a brics it. prosperous strong and secure while today's decision was pretty much a formality it is also an important milestone after moments where it looked as if negotiations between britain and the e.u. might collapse but now as many leaders today stressed comes the hard part face to of the negotiations will focus on the nitty gritty of the transition and future trade relations and it will be conducted largely on the terms of the european union . charlotte shell some tell was following the summit fire for us in brussels and she gave us the summary. yes a big win indeed it's not very often in this break that process that reason may and
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e.u. leaders get to celebrate something but that is exactly what has happened today the twenty seven heads of states have decided that they can rubber stamp a deal that was struck between negotiators what that basically says is that there's been sufficient progress on three key issues three issues that need to be decided in the so-called phase one of tools and those things are the divorce bill as it's called how much money the u.k. the e.u. on citizens rights isn't she what happens to u.k. citizens living in europe in european citizens citizens living in the u.k. and on the northern ireland border what's going to happen after breaks it between northern ireland and its neighbor island which is still going to be in the in the e.u. so very complex issues it's been a very difficult road several attempts to reach an agreement on this failed in fact they were meant to reach an agreement here at the last summit in october and failed so big sighs of relief here today that finally they've done it. david
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charter joins us here in the studio he is the berlin correspondent of the british newspaper the times has written two books on bragg's it david thank you for being with us so we're hearing enough progress to move to the next stage tell us more about what that next stage will look like we're hearing it's going to be even tougher than the first the e.u. is saying that it will be tougher than the first because well for two reasons really both sides the butchers saw it on the european union side have yet to agree on what they would like to achieve in this next round. the european union side is saying first of all we want to hear from you britain where you would like to go what relationship you want with us that's going to be agreed in the early in the first months of next year but there are some very hard bricks or two within the ruling british conservative party. who would like to have as much as possible.
4:19 am
in a trade relationship that means not just goods but also services on the e.u. side there are those who say hold on a minute you can't have all the benefits that you once had because you're leaving and that means yes we would like to trade in goods as well as we can but services financial services well perhaps we don't want to have banks that are based in britain and financial companies based in britain having such the access that they had before so trade is going to be a key issue in this next phase what are the other sticking points going to be moving forward rice well britain would like to have access for its airlines to fly around the european union just as it does now but i think there's pressure from some of the your big european airlines such as germany's love plants but also france that they perhaps would like to get their hands on some of those landing and taking off slots that are enjoyed by british airlines so that is not a given that is something that's going to have to be negotiated on the airline
4:20 am
front and on the migration and immigration from britain has not set out what the future access will be for e.u. citizens coming to travel and look for work in great britain we need to the european side needs to know how open will great britain be to workers from the european union will they need visas for example and then it will respond with its with its with its own system will british people need visas to go to the e.u. so that that to be a contentious issue and this is all coming against the backdrop of theresa may suffering a defeat at home members of her own party backing a move that would allow parliament to vote on any bragg's the deal how is that going to play out for her this was to reason is first defeat as prime minister in the house of commons and it was really. a threat to her or thora tea over her own party with eleven rebels you know joining the other side and being accused of
4:21 am
treachery and being traitors however despite all the pressure they did vote with the other size and what analysts say that gives them a taste for rebellion which doesn't bode well for future votes and there are a lot of of votes are going to be necessary to get bricks through the house of commons one of those what's next week this was to decide on the actual date for bragg that a march twenty ninth two thousand and nineteen is that said to be another challenge for theresa may yes but it looks like there may be a solution because the conservative party does not want to suffer another internal rebellion as it had last week and even now the government whips are trying to work out of a form of words that will satisfy these rebels and so that we don't have the spectacle of to reason a losing another vote her authority being sacked even further at this stage they will try and find a way of keeping the dates in the legislation but giving some flexibility given all
4:22 am
of that you know looking at this in the big picture how much pressure is theresa may under here and how much is this next stage really going to challenge her authority she has actually improved her position with today's agreement and last night's agreement in brussels she's on slightly firmer ground she is seen by the european union side as a prime minister who can steer through this very complicated and talen jing situation having said that there are a large number of much harder bricks of tears if you like in the her own party who would like to see have a prime minister in place who is a perhaps even tougher than her so she has still to steer a very difficult course to keep her job for the next year coming up the writer david charter the berlin correspondent of the times thank you very much for joining us here in studio. and here at g.w.
4:23 am
we've been looking at the different of pressure points of the negotiations in our road it to brag series as we heard trade is one of those pressure points. report now from the city of london where banks and traders desperately want to deal so they can continue to trade across the whole of europe but they are working on a plan just in case. every morning it's rush hour in london bridge the gateway into the financial district the city of london the city provides over one million jobs it's at the heart of the u.k. economy we want to find out how much to people in london's financial hub. and how are they preparing for it financial services are particularly vulnerable to roughly a third of all financial transactions here in the city of london and girls club. that's why companies already prepare for every possible scenario lloyds of london the global insurance company have had their offices in the city for almost three
4:24 am
hundred thirty years but now they are preparing to move more stuff to the continent . below its chief executive has been preparing for the worst which would be no trade deal about four billion euros of business is written by the lloyd's market here in london at the moment across the country so that is a significant amount of business that we've run the risk of losing lloyd's already have a presence on the continent now they are increasing it by about one hundred staff mainly in a new office in brussels it's been estimated that tens or even hundreds of thousands of finance jobs might be lost in london it's not yet happening on a big scale but it is on people's minds i think it's a terrible decision i think it's going to just be a lot of pain over the next two years it will still be right in the end there just be a lot of uncertainty until i guess or so now in terms or tried in terms of ideas i
4:25 am
think now we're going to be much worse off for it yeah that's why industry leaders are low being hard for a trade deal with the e.u. a lot of people in the city of london did not vote for brics it but now the time and to limit the damage too much is at stake for the u.k.'s most profitable industry. child bauman is the political representative of the financial services industry he regularly meets with to reason may end a government and desperately wants to press home his message so we want a transition arrangement as soon as possible on the proof provides for certainty for business beyond march two thousand and nineteen we're looking for. access to talent and third lives in the ocean to trade a comprehensive free trade ambitious free trade agreement the fear is that emotional arguments made when the bricks of negotiations that economic needs like
4:26 am
those of the city of london might be ignored as they were in the vote for brics it itself. still to come on the day what is a milkshake duck we take a look at the oxford dictionary as words of the years what they mean and why they're trending. not a growing questions here about how to deal with germans who have gone to fight for the so-called islamic state since two thousand and fourteen almost a thousand germans have traveled to the middle east to support the militant group one in five have been women and girls many of them are now returning home and germany's intelligence agencies warning that they could be a threat because they've been brainwashed by the islamists or one of those girls as lisa w. the german teenager married and i asked fighter in iraq who was later killed she says she made a mistake and she wants to come home but she is set to go on trial in baghdad it
4:27 am
was a cautious reunion with a family who traveled from germany to baghdad to see the seventeen year old who's in custody awaiting trial. pictures of her arrest in mosul in july were beamed around the world. identified only as linda w. she left her home in eastern germany to join the so-called islamic state now she regrets or has this vision of the only vehicle i don't know how i came up with such a dumb idea i've completely ruined my life yet. linda says she didn't take part in any fighting she says after the death of the i.a.s. member she married she stayed in various women's shelters and almost never stepped outside hundreds of women have left europe to join i.a.s. many of them are now in custody in iraq according to research by german media at least seven germans are among them until now german women who were not in combat but married to i.a.s. militants were rarely prosecuted back home now
4:28 am
a different legal approach is likely. where of the opinion that these women are guilty of membership of a foreign terrorist organization because they helped to strengthen the internal structure of the so-called islamic state but this question will ultimately have to be clarified by germany it's a federal court of justice. but. it's not clear whether linda w. would be prosecuted if and when she returns an investigation is underway but there's no warrant for her arrest in germany. journalist we have met linda wu for an interview in iraq and he's with us here in our studio i thank you so much for joining us tell us when and where you met linda. last because i met her once before three months of the last. office of the judge. in central vacs. with and have mother and sister they want to visit their
4:29 am
last two to be with. linda was different from the last visit i saw her as somehow stable more stable than before she got medical treatment should looks stable she understood what she is going to face what she did and what's happened for her it was not clear for me the last time i mean months before for the first time that i was in the stable she was. naif could not understood what she what she what she did what she what's going to wait in her so what changed in that time for her i think the prison time and also the thinking of or grief thinking about what happened why she did follow islamic state i think it's make clear that this is a huge problem for this is the most mistake that happened in her life and she told us i destroyed my my my lives my my protégé she no one is going to give me and the
4:30 am
. to war or to study i think. really that this situation is so very very tough for her and she's going to face a very difficult trial in iraq why did she decide to make this move what did she say to you about her motivation this is the most important question that i want myself to understand why she made that but from her i answer to her mother the first time that he's. after two years she told her mother why you came here because because of you i left home. she had very problem with her family inside the family she was fifteen years old the mother she felt that the mother cannot hear. understand or or take care of take
4:31 am
care of her and also she could follow she could full of their rights but she followed the state so what happens now is that she's in iraq what kind of sentence can she expect there according to the judge that we talk with him that he told us that exclusion shoes not going to face but i think she's going to face two two important things first illegal crossing the borders and also a membership of islamic state then which is it would be to. into iraq a lot maybe between three and five years old. by this woman so very serious punishment just briefly if she were to return to germany what could she face here according to the no situation she will not be. put in the prison or she will be free but i think the situation could change in the next months because the german government or german authorities thinking in the different for the legal way.
4:32 am
they are going to. dealing with the women coming back to germany for a journalist i mean with so we thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us thank you. well two thousand and seventeen is drawing to a close as you probably know it was another year of big news and rapid change with a slew of new words and phrases to describe it all so the oxford dictionary one of the bastions of english language has just published its word of the year out of the thousands to choose from nine made it to the shortlist let's take a look at a some of them the first is a news jack and if you've heard of this it's when people take advantage of new stories to push their own products or brands another is compromised you might have heard of this one during the russian best occasion in the u.s. it is information used for blackmailing or manipulating someone and then what about this one bro flick that's
4:33 am
a word used to describe conservative straight men who are easily offended by other views and lifestyles but at the winner of oxford's word of the year youth quake you know what it means well this one might be easier to break down than the other contenders but let's ask an expert fiona mcpherson is a senior editor at the oxford english dictionary she joins us from munich for more a few and i get to see you thank you for being on the day tell us about youth quake what does this mean. you create well it's a significant cultural political or a social change is a resonance from the influence of young people in the things that they do so so it's kind of the sum of its two parts really so why did this suddenly become popular. well i think there's been certain things that happen certainly in the election in the u.k. where young people a sort of group of people who are typically maligned and thought of as not being interested or energized about politics they came out and voted in their huge number
4:34 am
of quite a large voting bloc so that's definitely we've seen it this year and that's the reason we've actually seen such an increase in its usage but actually as a research has told us it actually goes back a lot further than a map be found example from him and hundred sixty s. when it was used in vogue magazine spending much to talk about who he now think of as the baby boomers the attitudes and the influence that they were having a new second fashion at the time so it's shifted a little bit at the moment in terms of where it's focused but yet the concept is still the same it's young people who bring about some kind of change because of what they're doing in and their influence young people causing an earthquake youth quake ok so how does the oxford dictionary actually come up with that's the word of the year there has to be so many contenders. well yes i mean you were joking words almost literally we have it is corporate of that we can analyze and look and see
4:35 am
which words are enjoying a meteoric rise which words are people talking about the movie and it comprises a lot of different news sources so we're trying to get a view global look yes it's not just about you know looking at words that are used in the u.k. say and then we can analyze all of this data and come up with the words which we think are saying something about the year and with huge quique we certainly find it been used i think almost five times more than i had been well almost before or been used as a toll. so that's how we do it we just see what words have got something to say about the you know one of those words that has something to say about that here was that milkshake docket some of our viewers have scratching their head and this goes back to a tweet by pixilated boat let's just take a look at the whole internet loves milkshake that the lovely duck the drinks
4:36 am
milkshakes are five seconds later we regret to inform you the duck is a racist this is kind of a word that we didn't know that we needed but somehow it sums it all up. well exactly and that's the great thing about language sometimes there are words there that we don't really realize that we don't need but then we wonder what we did without them i think i think that's that's obviously something like you are some of the words on our list like they're much more c.d.'s words which are maybe you know describing you will see these concepts but there's always room in language for a little bit of fun and i think it's one of these things and the idea that you know somebody can be the darling at one point and then we find something that we don't like quite so much and suddenly they've gone from zero to zero how short lived are these words and how much of social media play a role in deciding that. it's difficult to second guess how short lived some of these words are going to be i think some of them to get quick because as i said
4:37 am
before it goes back to the one nine hundred sixty s. something like that it's probably got more staying power and perhaps something like milk is going to be one of those words or those terms clear everywhere for a question or a period of time and then in five years time you know we don't even remember that that's the great thing about the word of the year though is that it doesn't have to be about words which are always going to have staying power and i think social media definitely helps because so much more access to all sorts of the cabbie really and in lust definitely plays a part in disseminating that and getting it to the attention of people and we quickly found out here in germany some people amend the fact that a lot more english words are entering the german language are things like a selfie fake news does it happen the other way around as well are more foreign words entering the oxford dictionary definitely english has always been influenced by other languages and i think jeremy actually is quite a nice quite nice example we've got words in english which i think people don't
4:38 am
think of them known as anything other links where it's inflation. kindergarten. which is on our list as well as actually show shortened from a longer german works because we completely ballers that as well it's the one which works different languages will influence them different other different languages and sometimes the lad which can just sit a little bit better i think all right at the two way street then senior editor at the oxford english dictionary fiona mcpherson thank you very much for joining us. well the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at d.w. news or at least that's me don't forget to use our hash tag the day and remember no matter what happens between now and tomorrow is another day you'll see that.
4:39 am
planting trees in order to save the land that's home to two hundred thousand people . out of prying is the forest man of india. the
4:40 am
island of mud julie is threatened with river flooding. the forest judge of tying has planted protect valuable land. much of the sinking island. a good. six million people displaced two hundred twenty thousand day. for decades not in colombia has been dominated by violence we need to victims who recount the painful experiences and perpetrators who facing up to what happened. in a country. that's just beginning to deal with its law and cost columbia graceful breathing forty five minutes. he takes it personally. with wonderful people and stories that make the game so special.
4:41 am
for all true fans. pick up more than football online this mother is hiv positive. she was infected at birth. she probably won't live to the age of five. the program june aims to prevent a mother to child transmission of a child of. the german aids foundation to supporting the project in mozambique give a baby a future make a donation saying a life. the
4:42 am
money. has almost we've lost a lot of land recently because of a roge and. how are we to live without our fields. this is only the beginning he gets worse every day it's impossible to survive and work. on the rivers coming close to our homes. or your garden was in just a few weeks it flooded entire tracts of land. the money. life here is terrible we could be submerged any moment they used to be a falling away. we watch out. the
4:43 am
people of module is nice and more a village feel like refugees in their own country they're living on land that's being gobbled up little by little by a capricious river the brahmaputra the island of marginally is located in the middle of the wide river with its heavily populated banks the island has been gradually disappearing for decades the erosion seems unstoppable. soon we won't be able to live here anymore. but the erosions too much don't want to go and whatever. we were about to harvest our rice on their way out o. the didn't in what i wanted by the hour it and the. want to get a nice brahmaputra and the soup and sciri come together here according to an
4:44 am
old legend the day these two rivers unite was a happy day but for us this confluence is a curse we've got hardly any land left and have become refugee and yes it's a huge catastrophe. then me marty get jetty only boats that supply module a with goods depart from here at the mouth he got jetty. it's a vital connection to all the islands in the brahmaputra the banks are in danger of
4:45 am
breaking away and have to be constantly fortified with sandbags water resources experts from the brahmaputra board a government body are tasked with fighting the floods and they were asian. now you are facing the state of our sanity is in a particularly tricky situation eighty percent of the land is flooded despite all efforts against erosion of take the island of majeure which is protected as a nature reserve it is now reduced by half in four to five decades time just because of really high erosion but it's not just about the loss of land you think of the poorest of the corps and even the rich become calder's overnight but that's true for all areas of the world at risk of flooding and water. but we have solutions you can reinforce the banks with sandbags and erect
4:46 am
a concrete defenses that's how you can come back to erosion not just on the brahmaputra but elsewhere to. the experts confidence is remarkable in view of the seemingly unstoppable erosion no one here believes that the battle against the force of the river can be successful and as climate change advances few believe the situation will improve instead people adapt to life with six months of plodding six months of a ration. when the water is too high we have to stop boat traffic to marginally but we only do that when things get really dangerous we have to fortify the harbor zones with sandbags otherwise we can't dock because of the erosion. the sandbags that we pile up around the shore protect the villages behind them and. the erosion is really powerful
4:47 am
here it's frightening. despite the protective measures one house after another slides into the water the residents of forced to leave their land and move to the island's interior. marginally is home to one hundred sixty thousand people who sooner or later become refugees that's a massive headache for the old artists the government has to find land for those made homeless and compensate farmers who have been ruined the files are piling up this problem has priority for the state of assam every year millions of dollars and made available. but the administration is overwhelmed by this crisis.
4:48 am
and all. about fifteen and a half thousand families are affected many have been resettled it to the mainland here in the go ahead along the coast that's in the district of joy and we asked the government to look after two thousand four hundred families directly. the remaining seven thousand five hundred and ninety families have fled to elevated land look this is the artificially elevated stretch. but they live side by side here but very close to the road when the river floods it'll take them with it. how can the question remains how can they protect their land with sandbags practically if it's not practical to pile up lots of sandbags we have to build dikes and dance but we mustn't forget about the problem of deforestation. in particular
4:49 am
we should be planting big trees. that protects against erosion developer. we have to concentrate on that in collaboration with the forestry department but. it's possible to watch the island of monte lay shrinking with a water penetrates the soil flooding the ground after every monsoon the land is covered by layer of sand in the space of just one year and time villages were cut off from the main island without roads there in a supplies the people are becoming climate refugees in that one country. this year
4:50 am
a russian cause severe damage to some of the most remote villages we are organizing a convoy for the area of mr mora to distribute aid to around two hundred families. to work on. the situation there today go to the villages and look for yourself. the situation there's extremely worrying. the people i don't have much to eat anymore and they're not safe at night either with. the humanitarian operations help and a very few. counter many impoverished villages on the way to me some order for a moment they believe our boat will stop and help them they quickly prepare a makeshift anchorage force will have to disappoint them.
4:51 am
but the handful of aid convoys don't change much either pengo has few illusions about that. only his fields are threatened by erosion the trees were cut down here to create agricultural land as a result the soil has become even more vulnerable. and. things are getting very tight for us in mr moore there's not much land left for us to live on so it would. and i'm not just thinking about myself all the
4:52 am
other residents are at a loss about what to do in the near couple to read when i read up with a look at your i would open the way to hear we used to have a huge field but now we have just enough to survive. all of that on the bike and we've lost almost all of our harley since our rice and lentils wobble nobody. had a bridge in new york was up in two or three days we would have been able to harvest this field this harvest was our only source of food. near the way i feel like crying and desperate all our work was for nothing
4:53 am
one of. our things today. a lot of land was lost this morning. and i'm just talking about this morning. how are we going to live. if things don't change in the next few days we'll have to make a decision the village in the fields will flood well let's wait until tomorrow but i don't have much hope. you can see what we're dealing with here but the government isn't helping us at all. in their protective measures to kill us the authorities can't find any more land for those made homeless we don't get any compensation for our losses
4:54 am
what the brahmaputra board has tried to protect us but without success it feels like they're abandoning us and all of them and i'm of none of the but. the people here want to understand why module is drowning in the floods the answer is not simple increasingly heavy monsoon rains a river that's growing as a result of the melting himalayan glassy as massive deforestation and even an earthquake that altered the course of the brahmaputra in one thousand nine hundred fifty but erosion research is making progress professor p.k. border lawyer oversees a team of young engineers. of yours the flood and the reason is there tonight i was
4:55 am
and last night i watched a television program it was about a woman. she lives on my julie on the banks of the brahmaputra she cried because a huge landslide had washed away her home in light of the difficult situation the government of assam a station the task force there to deal with the erosion and flooding. that was in one thousand nine hundred fifty four since then as sam has lost four hundred thousand hectares of land we can't get that land back. this is what majority looked like with its twelve hundred fifty six square kilometers the green section is what existed between one thousand nine hundred
4:56 am
nineteen and nine hundred twenty five everything was flooded to this orange area that part disappeared by nine hundred seventy two all we're left with is the violent section. what we other culprit this erosion is largely manmade you've already seen that the vegetation has disappeared but neither you nor i got rid of it that was done by the people living on the banks of the river making the land susceptible to erosion as a result the river changed its course and everything got worse should we be angry with these people think about it why did they do that they knew it would cause problems if they cut down all the trees but they live in such abject poverty it's a vicious circle. so it is of his yes i. wonder.
4:57 am
if five years ago four or five years ago a tsunami hit the shore of tamil nadu but two or three villages remained completely unharmed they were protected by the mangrove forests that absolved the shock and kept the surge away we can use this experience in the case of the brahmaputra we need to plant trees and they are our greatest hope with very little money we can work wonders. marginally is home to one man whose story has grabbed public attention he recognized the problem of deforestation and tried to solve it on his own over
4:58 am
decades the farmer has planted thousands of trees to save the land his name is john have pine but everyone calls him forest man. so this before i bought it thirty five years ago there was almost nothing but sand here that's when i started planting trees and bringing back the vegetation to places like this. people say my forest has saved this area from erosion. it's been protected by those trees for thirty five years. you can set up other protective measures in other places but not everywhere it's better to surround majuli with a green dam right there. that reduces erosion and we might even be saved. i've been planting trees for
4:59 am
a long time in india people call me forest man and this forest bears my name. when he has a. tad of prying is a tireless activist and a lone warrior when he was twenty it became clear to him what damage deforestation was causing nobody listened to him he was even threatened so he set to work on his own planting seed after seed thirty five years later this place has been transformed into a green paradise it's incredible that this forest is the work of a single man now the people of moderately are helping him as best they can. get a good little. this
5:00 am
man has brought dad after playing so saplings. they will go well in the forest but this one's not so good when i go the others are flawless i'll plant them over there. and history will grow very tall they're very useful to us. if. april or may and june are the best months for planting trees here mardi gras oils can become as drives the desert that's why we have to be quick i
5:01 am
plant the seeds in empty spaces and on small abandoned islands to accelerate the reforestation effort. why more you will not do that until i take my final breath it's my life's work i want to fulfill it. jad astore has gone around the world he has become an inspiration to conservationists sometimes forest man leaves his forest to give lectures and visit schools in india are and other countries but never for too long because he has to look after his trees. down. over time i've planted many trees they've turned into this huge forest there are big trees like those and there are some small ones and robust ones my seeds have turned into
5:02 am
strong trees. but this forest now covers four to five hundred hectares i've planted thousands of trees in the years. i got there. now it's home to elephants rhinos and tigers they have returned to the island. many plants and animals have found a new home here. for you yet or go to guy but if that's what the forest is there for you are home for all living things. the forest is almost twice the size of new york's central park the trees stand
5:03 am
strong defending the soil against advancing erosion. you. have it here somewhere you know what this isn't doable but they should come here and take a look for themselves. and then they should go home and crown trialist it's not that hard. you know by the way that. despite his achievements forest man is far from being adopted into the hindu pantheon in spite of the advancing desire to vacation on the island nobody else is dealing with the problem on the contrary the vulnerable villages continue to cut down trees and bamboo so that they can sell them before the brahmaputra gobbles up everything they're convinced they'll be the last generation to live here their children will just have to see what remains of modulating.
5:04 am
today is a special day. just after yang is visiting our school. we'll tell us how he's protecting the environment and. listen carefully one and only work . now. i'm sure you'll have heard of global warming trees play a very important role in that they help us fight climate change around the world that's why we have to protect trees and plant even more and if you see someone cutting down a tree tell him stop it. on the table and why we need these trees
5:05 am
right that they are not active and. you're responsible for the world of tomorrow it can't be to be. one of the children asks how trees stop erosion. their roots anchored deep in the ground they form a protective wall against erosion and they stabilize the soil. and i didn't go out and even when a tree falls into the river it's not useless because it slows the current on protecting the other trees on the riverbank you know. where you bugger low level. and.
5:06 am
it'll be your job to plant this tree when it's big it'll help give people better air to breathe but planting it isn't enough yet if they're going to get taken and you have to nurture it. and give it all your attention. to read an article or even a. dot ass efforts are any slowly bearing fruit it's a race against time because the survival of the island is at stake. the eco warrior and tree planter is at least one person and who will never give up . i am likes to cite the phrase attributed to mahatma gandhi be the
5:07 am
change you want to see in the world. and so the forest man does his life's work every day from some lies to sunset. cool.
5:08 am
imagine you're a child. and you can't live in your home country. in macedonia it's not good all the kids hate me. a lot of kids would go like us. to children to face our two current documentaries. in
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germany fifteen minutes long t w. yeah. and i think one day there's more will be considered cruel and unjust war where. certainly all citizens of ukraine every man woman and child of. their own land is the enemy invades. no one wants russia here which is the most. rebel against the mighty global news that matters. d.w. made for mines. losing your home. because of persecution and sin city starting from scratch in an unfamiliar country. how's that supposed to work. five lives five people who found a new home in a foreign land. with their stories books and music
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they've built bridges to the past. and the future. is the escape starting december seventeenth d.w. . they live to surf. danger lurks in the water we were there all your own surfing waist and and polluted water not only being the witness but the thunder being victims i mean with you troubles all gastric troubles. basically the say so only as moments in backup of the nation fill i was on a shelf. up human sewage completely untreated and stone walls are coming out of these rights consider it out and out since i want to call must not
5:11 am
crime yet so spots. is going to decide to go somewhere every day and sees more and more probably sheets tiniest missing gives me everything because waves the wind i have to give something back i feel obliged and you can ok it was to miss him to me on the first. point waves surfers fighting against unseen pollution in the sea starting january seventh on w. there was relief on the faces of european union leaders after they gave a green light to the second phase of divorce talks with britain however negotiations of the summit fails to resolve the migration question regarding mandate or refugee quotas for member states.

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